What's the #1 thing people are looking for in 2023?

When we asked this question recently at one of our Light Club events, the answer was simple. CONNECTION.

If you desire surrounding yourself with people that will support your dreams and give you new inspiration for growth and expansion,

then we invite you to join us for Mastermind and Meditation Monday.





Mastermind Monday's is the perfect place to come and connect with like-minded individuals where you can discover the support and guidance you need to achieve your goals.

We offer a safe space to discuss your ideas, share your experiences, and gain valuable insights to help you move forward.

Our masterminds help entrepreneurs, coaches and spiritually minded individuals find a collaborative community where they can create the freedom and

abundance they crave in their lives.

It is a place where you will really connect and discover people that want to work together to create an enriched life filled with deeper, more meaningful relationships.

Our Masterminds work with:

  • Accountability

  • Creating new connections

  • Discovering new ideas

  • Finding potential collaborators and business partners

  • Feeling supported towards your goals and dreams

  • Stepping outside your comfort zone

  • And much much more!



“No mind is complete by itself. It needs contact and association with other minds to grow and expand.”

– Napoleon Hill

Community, Connection And Accountability

If you are struggling with turning your new idea into a product, or if you are in search of new connections to help you move your company and career forward, a mastermind will help!

Just like when you commit to go to the gym with a friend versus going alone, you actually go; well it is the same in other areas of your life too.

When you have other people to hold you accountable, you take action towards your goals.

You are invited for an upcoming mastermind where we support you and hold you accountable; to show up, to connect and to be supported within our community.

This where we move you into the next story of your life.

Discover Your Collective Power

By aligning passionate entrepreneurs that have the knowledge and experience you have been looking for; along with the qualities of dependability, loyalty, and positive mental attitude, you discover find people that will support you seeing your projects through to completion.

Through the power of connection, you will expand your mind and draw from the experience, training, skills and wisdom of others who align with your mission, and write YOUR story.

Light Club is not just any spiritual community, we pride ourselves on bridging the gap between what many would consider the traditional 3D world and a 5D heart-centered reality.

We look forward to having you join our human collective.

Our goal is to bring together:

  • People who understand you

  • People who hold each other to a HIGHER standard

  • People who want to learn what it is like to be a part of a community

  • Leaders who want to create other leaders

  • People who desire to co-create together

  • People that support each others ideas

  • People that desire to learn from each other

  • People that are looking to connect more with themselves

  • People that are determined to create successful and fulfilling lives

Why Would I Want To Join A Mastermind?

Masterminds help you leverage the support of others who have different wisdom, knowledge and life experience to help you accelerate your life. All of us have unique life experiences to share and things we can learn, and when we come together as a group with a similar intention, we can accelerate our own growth.

What Can I Expect From This Experience?

Through this experience, you are going to be connect with other entrepreneurs that are on a similar journey as you are. You are going to leverage the group to gain new insight, discover new ideas, and keep each other accountable.

How Often Do Your Mastermind Groups Gather?

Our mastermind groups gather once a week to share what they are working on, hold each other accountable and discover new ideas that would not be possible alone. This particular event does not have a commitment, you can purchase admission each week. We do have 8-week container programs that you can join as well that are a separate offering.

Your Mastermind Guide

Patrick Farrell is a Business and Lifestyle Coach focusing on personal branding, online businesses growth, and spiritual development for his clients.

He helps entrepreneurs get clients and run a business with easy & efficient systems without feeling overwhelmed by technology.

Patrick believes in complimenting business and personal growth techniques with actionable strategies that are aligned with his clients’ life missions.

He also believes that business should be focused around joy and happiness, both for as a business owner and for their clients and customers; that this is the real magic of creating a heart-centered online business.